Disciplined Strategy 

Long/short equity.

Special Situations.

Our objective is to maximize returns with moderate risk by concentrating assets in the best catalyst driven special situations. 

Public Equity

60% - 80 % of portfolio assets.  We typically hold companies with higher profits for longer durations.

Corporate Debt

Up to 25% of portfolio.  We keep an allocation of 3-5 year corporate debt to balance risk and manage liquidity.


Less than 10% of portfolio assets.  We use proprietary options strategies to leverage high conviction positions.

Long-term purchases

Typically 25% - 50% of portfolio assets. Securities held over 1 year.


Typically 50% - 75% of portfolio assets. Securities held between a month and year.


Typically 25% of portfolio assets. Securities held between a day and one month.


The investment strategies we use to implement advice given to clients includes margin loans and options for the management of our clients’ portfolios. Because these types of investment strategies involve additional degrees of risk, they will only be recommended when consistent with the client’s stated investment objectives and tolerance for risk.


Account Process